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The livestock segment in India urgently needs to evolve and strengthen itself per international parameters in order to face the growing volatilities of the marketplace. Livestoc will aid this by:

  • Providing customised online & offline products and services to the end consumer
  • Providing practical, precise and cost effective solutions & treatment to uplift animal health
  • Providing latest breakthroughs and state of the art technology to enhance productivity & optimise livestock farm management
  • Providing the livestock owner & aggregator consultancy for operational ease & increased profit
  • Providing livestock owners a wide platform to market their services & produce including milk & milk products
  • Providing turnkey solutions to the dairy farmer for setting up micro milk processing plants


To uplift the stock of every aspect related to the Livestock sector - animal husbandry, pet care, dairy farm management and milk processing.


Leadership - As the pioneer in holistic livestock management, we are thought leaders using technology to usher in wide spread profitability across this sector.

Integrity – We respect our stakeholders and demonstrate our sense of integrity at all times in all our dealings and services.

Commitment - Working hand-in-hand with all our stakeholders, we share their challenges, providing solutions to ensure their success.

Expertise - We believe in using expert professional advice to effectively enhance operations & productivity for all our partners.

Innovation- Through our continual investment in adopting scientific techniques & cutting-edge technology, we deliver need based solutions that create tangible value for those we serve.

Agility - We rapidly adapt to the unpredictable nature of dairy & pet care business, supporting our stakeholders through change and customised offerings.

Practicality - We are guided by practical needs and ground reality of the livestock industry. Uplifting this sector through feasible means remains our prime focus.

And we promise to revolutionise the life of a livestock farmer.

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Livestoc: Mission, Vision and Value



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