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About Us

LIVESTOC is a pioneer mobile app which offers customized & comprehensive livestock management solutions through its varied offerings. A first of its kind cloud based application; Livestoc is designed to not just meet the needs of the livestock sector but also transform the entire livestock industry across the world.

The Livestoc app has been developed after years of thorough research on livestock farming and obtaining an understanding of the challenges faced by dairy farmers, farming co-operatives and the livestock industry in general. The app aims to mitigate the same through the various services it offers.

Livestock Services

Through our Livestock Management services, we address dairy farming issues including establishing an optimal farm management life cycle, adopting practical science-based feed & nutritional strategies, keeping animal disease at bay effectively yet economically, and understanding the dynamics of breeding genetics. We, at Livestoc, seek to ease and enrich the dairy farmer through integrated solutions to boost the entire dairy production lifecycle.

Buy & Sell Livestock

The livestock owner now has a trustworthy online platform to buy and sell animals directly without any middleman. The animal profile feature in the app enables buying or selling livestock with ease, confidence and profitability as it carries complete details of the animal apart from its picture.


Through our online treatment module, the livestock owner can protect his animals from quacks by having access to a qualified veterinarian and a skilled VT through the app. Livestoc enables the dairy farmer to get in direct contact with Veterinarians and Paravets for both consultation & professional treatment of his animal.

Artifical Insemination

The livestock owner can now order for Artificial Insemination online. This service allows the user to not only choose the desired bull/sire/semen straw from listings of high quality semen available through the app but also the best skilled AI worker. Breed improvement and pedigree determination lead to higher valuation for livestock.

Farm Management

The livestock segment urgently needs to evolve and strengthen itself per optimal international parameters in order to face the growing volatilities of the marketplace. Livestoc provides expert consultation by LPM professionals on various aspects of an integrated farming system, feed & nutrition, latest methodologies and economic feasibility of your farm.

Pet Care Services

Through our Pet Care Services we cater to the needs of pet owners such as vaccination, treatment, and registration for dog shows right in the comfort of their homes. No more getting stuck in traffic jams or waiting in queues for hours. These door-to-door services are offered by Livestoc in only tier 1 and 2 cities of India. Customers can place online orders for the above mentioned services and rest assured their pets are in good hands while our qualified team of Paravets and Vets take care of them.

Buy & Sell Pet

Buyers can browse through our extensive listing of animals and select the breed of their choice. Pet sellers can be assured of a wide audience and premium prices for their animals. Livestoc ensures transparency and convenience while buying or selling pets across the country through its animal profiling feature.

Pet Treatment

No more ferrying around your precious pets to wait in queues amidst uncomfortable surroundings and get distressed. Get your pet treated in the comfort of your home by our qualified veterinarian at your convenience. Request for a Vet visit online through the Livestoc app.


Planning a vacation and wondering where to leave your beloved pet while you are away? Worry no more as the Livestoc app contains animal hostel listings you can choose from. Pick a hostel of your choice and let your pet be well cared for while you are away.

Pet Vaccination

You can order vaccination online for your pet through the Livestoc app. No more getting stuck in traffic jams or waiting in queues for vaccination. Avail our affordable packages and let our qualified Paravet take care of your pet, in the convenience of your home.









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