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LIVESTOC brings India’s first-of-its kind mobile app that brings livestock farming to your finger tips. LIVESTOC has put together much research and thought into this first-of-its-kind of endeavour that is now set to turn the tables for the livestock farmer. LIVESTOC seeks to make life so much easier for the farmer that he can actually have his cake and eat it too! 



The livestock segment in India urgently needs to evolve and strengthen itself per international parameters Read More



To uplift the stock of every aspect related to the Livestock sector - animal husbandry, pet care, dairy Read More



Leadership - As the pioneer in holistic livestock management, we are thought leaders using technology Read More

And we promise to revolutionise the life of a livestock farmer.

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Livestoc- Livestock Farming & Pet Care Mobile Application



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Livestoc is India's first cloud based application designed to meet the needs of the entire cattle & pet industry in the country.

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