Farm Automation / New Farm Set Up

The livestock segment urgently needs to evolve and strengthen itself per optimal international parameters in order to face the growing volatilities of the marketplace. Livestoc provides expert consultation by LPM professionals on various aspects of an integrated farming system, feed & nutrition, latest methodologies and economic feasibility of your farm.

Livestoc helps the Indian Dairy farmer access much needed services, we provide varied & customised farm management solutions.
  • Complimentary farm visit by team of Industry experts in Dairy Management
  • Understanding the entire livestock management lifecycle at the farm
  • Research based scientific solutions for enhanced profitability in Dairy Farming
  • Boosting Dairy Yield per animal cost effectively
  • Providing optimal Feed & Nutrition Solutions
  • Professional diagnosis and treatment of animals per expert Vets’ advice
  • Animal profiling for analysis and trade
  • Providing animal housing & waste management solutions
  • Providing high quality semen & information on latest breeding techniques
  • Software for tabulating Milk Yield and Sale records online
  • Helping the farmer market milk and milk products

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