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Buying and selling animals can be such an arduous task!

To travel to far off villages and towns with your animals packed in trucks & vans... is anything but easy.

And when you do make it to the animal market, the melas & other platforms, getting a fair deal is another challenge. Drawbacks in animals get easily hidden when they come all polished and shining, with absolutely no way to weigh their worth!

But well, here’s the good news. LIVESTOC steps out and makes animal trading the easiest thing to do. Without ever stepping out of home!

Because... LIVESTOC brings you an extensive data of animals (cows, buffaloes, horses, goats, sheep, dogs, pigs, poultry, camels) buyers, sellers, breeds, farms, livestock products and services, medical solutions and much more! All this, at one tap on your mobile phone! 

So, if you are an animal buyer, go online, choose an animal as per your budget and needs and just get talking to the seller. Directly. And get your deal done.

And if you want to sell your animal, no need to lose your peace over a fair deal. Just click its picture, upload it on the app, add the details and submit. Soon, the prospective buyers will be calling, for a direct deal. No middlemen, no hidden costs, no deception.

And we promise to revolutionise the life of a livestock farmer.

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