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Summer Tips To Feed Your Pets Right

Summers means soaring high temperatures! These temperatures will not only affect you but your little pooch too! You might be quick to notice that your pet often loses its appetite in the summer. However, it’s not something you should fret about, but yes, you shouldn’t brush it off either. Your pet might eat lesser portions but even so, it needs the lighter, carb-based diet. During such times, there are few things that you can do to make food more appealing for your little pet. Continue reading below for useful summer tips for feeding your pet.

1. Baby Food
Baby food is an excellent alternative to the pet’s actual food meals. One thing that you need to be aware and careful about is the ingredients of the baby food you are considering to feed your pet. Make sure that the baby food you pick contains only those ingredients that are not toxic for your pet. An additional thing that you can do to make this meal even more appealing in this heat is to freeze the food overnight to make pops. Thereafter offer these baby food pops to your pooch when needed.

2. Broth
The broth is something you can incorporate into your pet’s diet irrespective of the season. It is a well-known fact that broth is extremely healthy. You can use either chicken or beef broth for the pet. Or, you can even keep alternating between both of them. Alternating will give your pet the opportunity of enjoying variety in food. You can use an empty ice tray to pour the broth in. After it freezes, you can serve your pet the broth cubes for lunch and dinner. This meal is not only completely healthy, but it is also cooling and appealing for the pet.

3. Sweet potatoes
It is encouraged to feed your pets sweet potatoes, especially in the summer heat. The reason for this is that sweet potato have beta-carotene in them.
Beta-carotene is an important source of vitamin A. One of the easiest ways to feed your pets sweet potatoes is by mashing them. Mash a sizeable portion according to the age and weight of your pet. Whilst mashing them, leave the skin on. You can feed them small portions throughout the day. Or, you can also serve it as an entire meal to the pet.

4. Fruits
There are different ways you can present your pets with fruits they can devour. It can either be a single fresh-cut fruit or many of them combined together. To help cool their body, you can keep the fruits in the fridge before you cut them up and serve them to the pets. Watermelon is a great food to opt for in this summer. If you want to change it up a bit, you can juice the watermelon as well. Just remember that you can’t add any flavor, it should be 100% fruit.

5. Water
One of the essential parts of the pets’ diet is water. Just like us, a pet’s need to drink water in the summer season also increases. This being the case, you should constantly make sure your pet’s bowl is topped up with water. Another thing that you can do is add ice cubes every 3-4 hours to keep the water at a lower temperature. Remember that fresh ingredients that are closest to your pets’ actual diet are always something you should swing towards. By helping your pet eat the portions he or she needs, you are avoiding the risk of your little pooch falling ill. In summers, the heat is bad enough and you don’t need to have your pet suffer from dehydration or a heat stroke! Another important and quick summer tip for your pet is to limit its walks to when the sun is down. Also, make sure you carry water and the water bowls with you. These tips will make it easy to help your pets eat right and healthy this summer.

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