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Your love for animals could well turn out to become your career. Sounds sketchy? Well, you’d be surprised to discover the ample opportunities that exist in the market for furry friend lovers and no, we are not talking of becoming a veterinarian. Read on to know more.

1.Vet Technician
Vet techs are trained to do lab and clinical procedures and work hand-in-hand with veterinarians. Vet technicians undergo diploma and degree courses from recognized veterinary colleges and institutions. With more and more pets being adopted daily, this can be a rewarding proposition.
2.Vet Assistant
They assist veterinarians with kennel work, exercising the animals and clinical duties. With modernization and hectic lifestyles overtaking us, these assistants are also of great help to the harried pet owner who cannot find time to exercise his pet.

3.Animal Groomer
Our pets are our babies; we just cannot pamper them enough. So many pet owners want spa and grooming treatment packages for their pets. Nail clipping, fur styling, dog-manicures along with cosmetic additions are increasingly in demand and so is the pet groomer.

4.Animal Trainer
Most popular amongst these remain dog trainers who train our pets to obey us, listen to commands and behave accordingly. Toilet training is also part of their job. Trainers also work with dogs, horses and other animals on behavioral issues and competition preparedness. Salaried positions at kennels, stables, animal shelters and veterinary clinics are aplenty.
5.Animal Nutritionist
As we care more and more about our pets we want the best for them including the best diet. The animal nutritionist creates the ideal diet chart for our pets including essential nutrients and a balanced intake. Animal nutritionists also determine the dietary needs of animals in captivity, studying animal behavior and economics to make recommendations to corporations or governmental agencies about animal diet.
Well, whatever career one may choose one thing remains certain – love for animals. This is the essential pre-requisite for any job related to animals. Love your furry friends and treat them nice and they will carve your way to career success.

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