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Most of us are happy to give our dogs half our bed space, all our lap space and free excess to foods of their liking.  They even get away with being really naughty around the house and that includes damaging goods at home. But what about the more extraordinary ways people splash their cash to indulge their pets? If you think your dog deserves the world, you need to read on…

1. Your baby needs a dog hotel for ‘relaxation’

Metros especially in the west are abound with Pet Hotels which offer a king-sized bed and a TV in the doggy room. At some very upmarket hotels doggie guests can relax in an Executive Suite with under-floor heating, and clocks and pictures for that homely feel.  And it’s not just a Western phenomenon, in 2017 The Barkley Pet Hotel opened in Mumbai, India. So now you know where to go!


2. How about a ‘de-stressing’ spa session for your darling?

Dog owners with money to burn take their beloved canines to beauty spas where grooming costs a bomb, literally.  High market spas offer a wash, fresh breath treatment and choice of blueberry facial or coat conditioning. Whoosh, takes your breath away, right?. In India people choose from Tailwaggers, Topdog, Scoopyscrub amidst dozens others.

spa session of dog

3. At least a ‘simple’ manicure or pedicure?

In the good old days, dogs had their nails clipped; this was considered beneficial for both pet and owner. Now, we get their feet massaged and their nails painted. Spas offering this service abound in India too. Pretty? Yes, if you think so.

4. Healthy ‘personalised’ meals

Customised has a whole new meaning nowadays .The days of milk and bread or a chicken treat for your dog seem passe. Pet Chefs prepare freshly-made personalized meals for pets as well as specific plans for overweight dogs or those with health problems nowadays but at a terrific cost.

And dog gourmet food is becoming popular by the day. Brands are selling organic, gluten-free, grain-free food, as well as snack bars made with Spirulina and wheatgrass for dogs. It sounds good enough to eat for both dog and human. A US brand even cooks the food in filtered water. Real food for thought, isn’t it?


5. A palace for the king of your heart

Custom-built kennels nowadays are mini mansions in a range of styles – from modernist to gothic to fairy tale palaces. Some come equipped with their own Jacuzzis or pools while others, such as celebrity pets have multiple floors and sit outs.  And the price can literally cost lakhs! Phew! Some of us may need fresh air now.

Admittedly the western world scores over us in India in providing material delights to their dogs but I am sure we spoil them rotten enough equally with our love, hugs and smooches. And who is to say they don’t deserve it all! Not us.

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