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Goldendoodle Pros and Cons!

The Goldendoodle also referred to as Groodle in Australian English is a cross-breed dog which is obtained by breeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever. This cross-breed dog was first bred by Monica Dickens in 1969, popularity, however, grew in the 1990s when breeders began crossing Standard Poodles with Golden Retriever with the aim of developing guide dogs suitable for individuals with visual impairment allergies. The Goldendoodle is sometimes referred to as a designer dog and they are used as guide dogs, diabetic dogs, pets, search dogs, therapy dogs, agility dogs, rescue dogs, and domestic pets because they are friendly with children and even strangers. This is because they have inherited certain traits from the Poodle and Golden Retriever. These traits include the intelligence obtained from the Poodle and the training ease obtained from the Golden Retriever. The Goldendoodle is really a perfect choice and in fact, there are only a few cons to this breed. They have sizes ranging from small to large making them easily find a place in any home (this has been further grouped into three namely; Miniature weighing between 15-30 pounds, Medium weighing 30-45 pounds and Standard weighing 45 to more than 100 pounds), they have a wavy coat which requires grooming and they are hypoallergenic with different variety of colors. The
coat is of three types namely; The straight coat which is flat and resembles that of the Golden Retriever, the wavy coat which is a mixture of the Golden Retriever’s straight coat and a Standard Poodle’s curls, the last coat type is the curly coat which resembles the coat of a
Standard Poodle. The common coat colors include gold, red apricot, white, cream and sometimes black and gray also called phantom. Goldendoodle may also be a light sandy brown or black.
There are many methods used by breeders in producing the Goldendoodle. This method is shown briefly below;
 F1 = 50% Standard Poodle + 50% Golden Retriever. This is the first generation and results in a very much healthier offspring.
 F1-B = 75% Standard Poodle + 25% Golden Retriever. This is an F1 Standard Poodle and Goldendoodle cross
 F2: This is a cross between two F1 Goldendoodle. This combination has the same percentage of the Standard Poodle and Golden Retriever as with the F1 generation
 F3: This is a cross between two F2 Goldendoodle
 Multi-generation: This is a cross between two F3 or higher generation Goldendoodle Some breeders restrict breeding to the F1 generation and the F1-B generation (first generation and first generation cross-back) with the aim of avoiding health problems that have plagued many dogs and maximizing genetic diversity. Major Kennel Clubs registration of crossbreeds and mixed breed dogs especially for performance events such as obedience (Continental Kennel Club) and agility. However, established breed associations such as the Canadian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, and the United Kennel Club do not recognize this hybrid or any other designer dog as a breed. The Continental Kennel Club usually grant a pedigree only if the parents have registration.

This brief information about the Goldendoodle will make increase your interest in this dog breed. To further increase your understanding, a list of the pros and cons of Goldendoodle is outlined below.
List of Pros of Goldendoodle
1. They are extremely trainable and the training process is easy: As mentioned in the introduction above, the ease of training of the Goldendoodle is a trait obtained from the Golden Retriever during the cross-breeding process and the expression of this trait can be
manipulated by the breeder in other to obtain any desired level of training ease. This is achieved by using a varying percentage of the Golden Retriever.xxxxs
2. Companionship: There is a general saying that “Dog is man’s best friend” This statement is the best way to describe the Goldendoodle. The Goldendoodle has a very high level of intelligence which enables it to bond easily with human thereby enabling it serves as a great companion even replacing friends in some cases. The Goldendoodle is also a very good and perfect companion for people with allergy. If socialization and training begin early with the use of positive reinforcement techniques such as play, food rewards, and praise, the Goldendoodle will be a wonderful companion.
3. They are perfect and very suitable for people with allergies: The Goldendoodle has a hypoallergenic coat type similar to that of the Standard Poodle. Most Goldendoodle have a very low shedding coat, some do not even have a shedding coat at all. They generally exhibit lesser shedding compared to other dogs. The Goldendoodle also tend to have lesser dander. All of this helps in reducing allergic responses
4. They have low maintenance cost: As a result of minimal shedding exhibited by this breed, only occasional bathing is needed and little fur trimming compared to other breeds of dogs. Studies have also shown that with knowledgeable breeding, the Goldendoodle is a very healthy dog as opposed to the individual species (the Standard Poodle and the Golden Retriever) which have high susceptibility to hip dysplasia and treating this cost a fortune.
5. They are the perfect choice for households with frequent visitors, children and even other pets, The general fear of being harassed by a dog usually experienced by children and visitors is completely unnecessary with the Goldendoodle and the need for a “Beware of Dogs” sign is not required. For homes with other smaller pets like cats, rabbits, and birds, the Goldendoodle is a perfect breed of dog because they do not have the tendency to become a predator to these pets and they can, therefore, be co-habited. It can, therefore, be said that the Goldendoodle is an all-around friendly dog (it is dog-friendly, stranger friendly, kid friendly and family friendly)
6. They are energetic and always ready to take part in your exercise.
7. They are very smart: The Goldendoodle breed of dogs have a really mind-blowing level of smartness which is expressed not only to owners but even to other Goldendoodle dogs. When two of this breed of dog are kept together, they help groom each other on a daily bases reducing the need to groom them ourselves.
8. Weather Tolerance: The Goldendoodle can tolerate both cold and hot weather and this makes them good for any climatic and weather condition.

9. Adaptability: The Goldendoodle adapts well to the new environment especially apartment living. Qualities of a good apartment dog include friendliness with neighbors and being calm and quiet. The Goldendoodle possesses all these qualities making it adapt well when
in a new apartment.
10. Prey Drive: The Goldendoodle has a very low prey drive, it may not even bark or howl for a very long period of time. Dogs with high prey drive are not suitable for homes with other pets.
11. They come in different colors: The Goldendoodle can come in a variety of colors like the Standard Poodle and different fur types in addition.
12. They are an excellent therapy dog
13. They can participate in dog sports: This is because they are athletic enough. The dog sports which they can participate in include fly ball, obedience, agility, and rally.
List of Cons of Goldendoodle
1. They need a daily outdoor exercise: This may not be convenient for the owner as their busy schedule may not allow them to have enough time to ensure that the dog gets their daily exercise. The need for daily exercise can be an advantage as stated above and also a disadvantage. This breed has a tendency of becoming overweight and when this happens, they tend to develop many health problems. The tendency to gain excess weight can only be alleviated by daily exercise which may not be convenient for owners.
2. Some varieties may be too large for small apartments or small houses
3. Parent characteristic which will be shown in the dog is not known: This is a general drawback of dogs that are gotten by cross-breeding. The characteristics of the parents that will show in the puppy are not known and most of the time one is left with no option than to know all the possible characteristics to expect and expect any. In general, results of cross-breeding are not known, it is almost never a 50:50 mix. It may act more like a Standard Poodle or more like a Golden Retriever, it may or may not be hypoallergenic.
4. They tend to develop destructive behavior when left alone: It should always be born in mind that this breed of dog (The Goldendoodle) is very energetic and when left alone, they tend to develop destructive behaviors causing damage to home appliances as well as
5. Both breeds (Standard Poodle and Golden Retriever) carry health problems: The parent breeds are prone to health problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia and eye problem. This health problem can be passed to the Goldendoodle breed during cross breeding. This results in bad health and bad genetics
6. Dishonesty and Quackery of cross breeders: Most of the people involved in the cross-breeding process (cross-breeders) are in it solely for the money and not to produce a breed with improved quality and behavior.
7. Separation anxiety: If left for a long period at a time, the Goldendoodle may develop separation anxiety. Since the Goldendoodle is a very social dog, it should not away from its family.
8. The Goldendoodle cannot be used for hunting: This is as a result of the low prey drive they possess.

9. The Goldendoodle is prone to ear infection: This is because the ears do not stand and as a result, a reasonable amount of moisture content is trapped within the ear providing a suitable medium for the growth of microorganisms which can cause serious infection
such as yeast infection in the ear which is gotten from swimming.
A piece of knowledge about the pros and cons is of great importance because it creates an awareness about the that there are cons with this breed and thus enabling acceptance of the Goldendoodle genuine irrespective of the cons. It also makes potential owners ready for whatever may happen when they own this dog breed. The Goldendoodle is generally characterized by a moderate activity level. The larger being more active than the smaller kin. The list of pros of the Goldendoodle is an inexhaustible list as opposed to the cons. In fact, there are very few cons of the Goldendoodle. Get a Goldendoodle today.

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