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Find out why cats are humans best friend!

Cats are good pets that many people would love to have at home. Without doubt, they are the popular choice for pets. According to medical researches by veterinaries, more houses in the U.S. have cats as their pets rather than any other animal. Although, people have different standard for their choice of cats as pets, which could be narrowed down to the following basic reasons. These reasons include:

Cats are very friendly with kids
Cats are lovely pets and they have many positive effects on young children. Having a cat at home can help to improve the social skill of a child and help such a child overcome traumatic conditions. More so, it helps to largely reduce the child’s chance of allergies.

Most cats are less expensive than many other pets
Unlike many other pets, you do not need to break the bank before you can have as many cats as possible in your house. They consume less food, require fewer toys and for groomers, they require less trips.

Cats are the very best pets for apartments
The first good thing about cats which make them the most ideal for apartments is that they are very quiet animals. Unlike other animals used as pets which could be loud, the issue of a cat is different. No neighbour can complain of noise as a result of the cats.

Their cost of maintenance is very low
Cats can be easily handled. There is no need for regular morning walks every day. Also, cats can be left on their own for about a day or two provided food, litter box and water has been made available. The cat can always find its way through the house and do basic things. However, it is safer to tell your veterinarian of your short absence just for proper monitoring and care for the cat.

Cats are very playful
Cats are the liveliest pets anyone can have at home. According to what researchers have said, cats store up energy when they eat and do not expend the energy because the pets will not have to hunt for food. So, they use the conserved energy for play.

No bad vibe from them when you leave them
You can go to work and leave your lovely cat back at home, you could be sad and feel bad about leaving the pet behind. Well, this is different for a cat because a cat can sleep for about 15 hours a day especially whenever they are bored.

Cats are the most intelligent house pet
As funny as this may sound, cats are very smart and even smarter than the way people see them to be. Animal planet has also discovered that cats have exceptionally good memory.

They can groom themselves
Of course while still at a tender age, you may have to take a kitten to groomers once in a while. However, as the cat grows, it can take care of itself which helps you to save all the energy and time.



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