About Us

Presenting Livestoc. The first of its kind initiative that will transform the livestock industry forever. Livestoc is world’s first online one-stop-solution for all livestock needs. The only global platform that encompasses the whole livestock industry within an app. Livestoc uses the power of technology to challenge the current standards of the industry. Building unlimited possibilities for livestock farmers in every nook and corner of the world. Giving them the opportunity to rise and shine.

Livestoc wants to change the rules and start a new era in the cattle farming world. Every problem, every need will be answered with our unique services like doorstep certification, doctor on call and expert guidance. A complete spectrum of services that will benefit every node of the livestock network. Imagine an army of well-wishers trained by Livestoc, with one goal: to help you achieve all your goals. We believe, this grassroots level reach and our sincere intent for the welfare of the people is going to revolutionise our industry. The wheel of growth is already rolling, and you can be a part of it with just one tap on your phone.